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ADG Specialty Products

Atlanta Design Group hand-selected a line of quality products based on the requests and requirements of countless interior designers, architects, and builders. Some of these products were developed for clients who needed non-conventioanl solutions and others were discovered while searching for unique products to support our own interior design projects.  From these special products was born ADG Specialty Products.

Through ADG Specialty Products we can share these unique product applications that might be beneficial to our client base. ADG Interior Design and Multifamily Specialty Products will continue to evolve as new and innovative product applications are discovered.

ADG Specialty Products is a Brand of Atlanta Design Group

Mirror Wraps

Transform Your Plain Mirror Into an Elegant Focal Point!

Mirror Wraps™ Framed Solutions are easy to install, and they transform that large plain mirror in the bathroom into an elegant focal point. Each Mirror Wrap frame is custom-made to fit directly onto an existing mirror.

  • Custom Made for your application
  • Diverse selection to fit any style
  • No construction… No mess!
  • Fully Assembled or Kitted
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Easy to install!
  • Affordable

Framed Mirrors

Bathrooms have become an important part in the overall interior design of a home. Decorative framed-mirrors are a part of this trend, and make a magnificent difference in the look of the bathroom.

Manufactured and distributed with the highest quality and craftsmanship, we provide a diverse selection of decorative frames to choose from.

  • Custom on Demand, Made in America
  • 2,500+ Frames Available
  • Match Cabinets or Hardware
  • Custom Sizes up to 10’

Antique Mirrors

Vintage Accents Antique Mirrors are handcrafted using silvering techniques passed down for generations. ADG Specialty Products’ distinctive styles are an ideal alternative to standard plate mirrors, as each pattern offers a visual elegance of times past.

Vintage Accents are designed for a variety of applications, including architectural, furniture and decorative, for which they make a beautiful addition. With plate or bevel mirror options, choose from more than 2,000 frames to create a unique look for your next home or commercial project.

Atlanta Design Group provides a full turnkey solution for local builders, project managers, and homeowners by measuring and installing your custom antique mirrors. If your project is out-of-state, we can create your custom mirrors and ship them to your job site directly for easy installation.

TV Mirrors

Introducing the Hidden Reflections TV Mirror, an ultra thin vanishing television mirror that has the appearance of being an attractive natural mirror. When it is turned off, it shows only a mirror reflection. When the LCD is activated, it transforms into a window to the world. You will be both pleased and intrigued. The Hidden Reflections series combines two technologies making it possible to add a television where it never seemed possible before.

Hidden Reflections is available in a variety of sizes and styles from the innovative Hidden Reflections ultra-thin series to a grand screen custom solution. These attractive mirrors will create just the right touch to any bathroom, foyer, entranceway or any desired viewing space. The perfect solution for anywhere you’re looking to add a traditional mirror or television.

TV Mirrors

Backlit Mirrors

Our Backlit mirrors offer an atmosphere of peaceful bliss and ethereal light. Loved for is perpetually elegant design and beautiful ambient wall glow, this splendid centerpiece and transform any room into a calming oasis. These mirrors use a dimmable LED light that is energy efficient and lasts for years.

Backlit Mirror

Barn Doors

Barn doors are one of the hottest trends right now in Interior Design. You’ll find them replacing traditional swing doors for almost every room in the house.

Using sliding style barn doors has many advantages:

Barn doors solve problems in cramped spaces where there’s little room for a door to swing open.

Easy Installation
Unlike pocket doors, barn doors don’t require reconstructing the wall to add a sliding door. Hanging barn doors is fairly simple.

Accessible Doorways
Barn doors slide open and stay open until you close them. They’re easy to operate and you don’t have to worry about them swinging shut unexpectedly.

Timeless Design
More and more people are installing barn doors because they are an attractive and practical design trend. Unlike many design trends, they’re not going to become obsolete in a few years.

Reclaimed Wood

Natural wood accent walls are a popular trend right now but can be very expensive and requires, in some cases, extensive construction to install. We havea poducts that gives the look of finished and reclaimed wood planking with the ease of peel and stick installation.

This versatile product is a great alternative to traditional wallcoverings and can be applied to almost any surface and in any pattern you can image. With over a dozen finishes, the possibilities are truly endless.

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